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  Expenditure Reimbursement

Fulton-El Camino Recreation & Park District




POLICY TITLE:       Expenditure Reimbursement


4025.1    Purpose. The purpose of this policy is to prescribe the manner in which District employees may be reimbursed for expenditures related to District business.

4025.2    Scope. This policy applies to all employees and is intended to result in no personal gain or loss to an employee.

4025.3    Implementation. Whenever District employees desire to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses for item(s) or service(s) appropriately relating to District business, they shall submit their requests on a reimbursement form approved by the General Manager.  Included on the reimbursement form will be an explanation of the District-related purpose for the expenditure(s), and receipts evidencing each expense shall be attached.


              4025.4.1    The Superintendent of Administration or the General Manager will review and approve reimbursement requests.  Reimbursement requests by the Superintendent of Administration will be reviewed and approved by the General Manager.  Reimbursement requests by the General Manager will be reviewed and approved by the President of the Board of Directors.


              4025.4.2    All expenses must be reasonable and necessary, and employees and directors are encouraged to exercise prudence in all expenditures.


              4025.4.3    Expenditures for food and lodging will be reimbursed in accordance with travel policy






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