Financial Data for District

The Fulton-El Camino Recreation & Park District prides itself on promoting transparency in the operations and governance of your special district to the public / constituents. The following links and information is the Districts way of providing the public with our efforts in transparency.

2015-2016 Financial Statement (audit)
2014-2015 Financial statements
2013-2014 Financial Statements
2011-2012 Audit and Financial Statements

2016-2017 Budget Section 1
2016-2017 Budget Section 2
2016-2017 Budget Section 3
2016-2017 Budget Section 4
2015-2016 Final Budget
2014-2015 Budget

2670 Travel & reimbursement policy
3035 Financial Reserve Policy

Engineers Report 2016 #1
Engineers Report 2016 #2

State Controllers (Board and Staff compensation link)         CLICK HERE
State Controllers (District’s Financial Transaction link)        CLICK HERE