Picnic Areas

 Howe #1 currently does not have a completed shade structure, we have finished the covering for Howe #2. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will be conducting the repairs as soon as possible.Updated: 9/25/17

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A Full range of picnic areas are available at our various parks. Many of these facilities may be reserved for small family picnics or large group activities. They must be reserved in person on a first-com first-served basis for the fees listed below, payable at the time the reservation is made. All regular park rules concerning opening and closing, parking and vehicle access will be enforced. Park Police will periodically check on the reserved facility.

Two ways to reserve a picnic area:

  1. Visit the District Office located at 2201 Cottage way in Howe Park. Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm.
  2. Complete the Picnic Rental Form attached above. Email to pneumann@fecrpd.com or fax to 916-927-3805 and a district representative will call you for a credit card payment over the phone.
Picnic Reservation Fees
Picnic  Area  Maximum Capacity First Four Hours Each Additional Hour
Howe Avenue #1
(seats 80)
100 $70 $15
Howe Avenue #2
(seats 60)
100 $70  $15 
Howe Both
(seats 140)
300 $120  $20 
Howe Meadow NA $70  $15 
Howe Tot Lot Gazebo
(seats 16)
25 $60  $10 
Howe Tot Lot BBQ Area
(seats 16)
25 $40  $8 
Cottage Park
(seats 32)
50-70 $60  $10 
Seely Park #1
(seats 24)
40 $60 $10 
Seely Park #2(seats 16) 25  $60  $10 
Bohemian Park
(seats 32)
50  $60  $10 

Alcohol Permit daily fee: Howe half area, Bohemian or Cottage — $25 Howe Both 1 & 2 — $35
Bounce House Permit: $35 (waived for picnic area rentals) Bounce Houses are limited to insured providers. A list is available at the District office and the link below.
Alcohol or Bounce Houses are not permitted in Seely Park.

Rental fees guarantee use of the picnic areas only. Each area includes built-in barbecues. Electrical connections are only available at Howe #1 or Howe #2 for an additional fee. Restrooms are located at Howe Picnic area, Cottage Community Center, Seely Park and a porta-poty is located at Bohemian Park. Volleyball courts (at Howe Park) may be reserved for an additional fee.


  1. Pursuant to Public Resources Code, Section 5782.21 “It is unlawful for persons at any time to operate an automobile or motor vehicle in a park unless such motor vehicle or other conveyance is on a paved street or paved parking lot.”
  2. No person shall use sound amplification equipment in excess of the noise levels provided by Chapter 6.68 of the Sacramento County Ordinances.
  3. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District parks except by permit only and in designated areas. (No alcohol permitted in Seely Park)  Alcohol may be served or consumed only in the reserved picnic area. No glass containers permitted. Alcohol may not leave the picnic area. Alcohol may not be consumed by persons under 21 years of age.  The undersigned understands that he/she is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests.
    1. Park Police are charged with maintaining order in our parks. Should they feel that a situation is not in the best interest of other park users, they may require that your group surrender all alcoholic beverages or leave the park.
    2. No glass containers are allowed in any area of the park.
  4. All sites must be restored to original condition at the end of use. Clean up and/or repair charges beyond normal wear will be billed to the permit holder based on the total cost of the clean-up and/or repair.
  5. You are requested to vacate the area at the time indicated on your permit.

Please refer to Picnic Area rules for further information.

For additional information on renting a facility, please contact Peter at pneumann@fecrpd.com or 916-927-3802.